Monday, 25 July 2011

Search Engine Optimisation Techniques To Increase Visibility Of Websites

A page one ranking on Google and other search engines instantly make your business the obvious choice to buy from. Do you look past the first page when doing an Internet search for a product or service? Neither does anyone else. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process that helps business websites to get high visibility on search engines. The primary goal is to help businesses get top position on the search engines and to build their customer base. If you are starting up an online business & trying to get your website ranked high on search engines, it is very important to know how the search engines crawl your site and how to encourage the search engine spiders to index your web pages to the top positions. At Enlightenment Business Solutions, we specialize in search engine optimization for small business owners who don’t have access to the resources and revenue that’s available to the big corporations, and we can cost-effectively show you ways to position your site And with 85% of prospects now shopping online versus offline, having a high SEO ranking adds up to some serious revenue. 

Here are three top Search Engine Optimisation Techniques that can easily get your website ranked high on search engine results
1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – This is the process which helps to rank your website or business organically in search engines. This technique helps to increase the visibility of your website so that more people are aware of your business, products, services and location etc.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC) – Pay per Click service is another type of organic SEO where you have to pay either per click or per impression. In this process advertisers typically make a bid on keywords phrases relevant to their target market. 
3. Social Media Optimisation – Social Media Marketing is a process through which your website is made popular on social networking / media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Multiply, Twitter etc. It is a widely used technique to build visibility and generate awareness for your website or business among user groups interested in your business model. 

Apart from these if you want to know more search engine optimisation techniques please visit where we have a free SEO webinar and social media marketing webinar available to give you everything you need to help increase website traffic and boost your sales!

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